Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big bosses coming? Вам не сказали того что вы ожидали?

Тогда не отчаивайтесь, это случается часто и повсеместно,

Случайно я даже нашел сходство с текстом одной и всем известной песни, какой?


смотреть не обязательно :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Resolving of true method via objc_msgSend and within IDA for arm binaries

As you know Objective-C is full (80%+) of calls which are made through the help of  the internal objc_msgSend method.
This is not a problem unless you would like to make some reversing for a good reasons :)
and at this point, knowing what method is actually called - kind of a key.

Not a problem any more, just have a look on helper IDC script for IDA which makes situation more transparent and works directly over arm binaries, so it makes from kind of unknown:
__text:000036B8 02 F0 92 EC                       BLX             _objc_msgSend

something more obvious for the method call name:
__text:000036B8 02 F0 92 EC                       BLX             _objc_msgSend ; @selector(getVertexSize)

Just note method name where app will land at.

IDC script in sources available at:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Selling copy of ... sample, ripple HD (?) effect

Ripple effect looks quite interesting and there are some questions how to do such.
Apple has released the own sample, available from GLCameraRipple and this is not the end of the story: some guys have decided to sell the sample and more - it has been accepted by Apple and App Store, just here - Ripple HD
(verified by shaders :) - 100% the same, including "Copyright (C) 2011 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved." )

PS if you are interested in "how to implement?" - just look for the full sources at the sample page from Apple, YUV -> RGB is there and more, like simulation of UVs via
runSimulation and rippleTexCoords

Nothing to say more from the technical side of the Ripple Effect implementation question.