Tuesday, January 8, 2013

processor cooling, fun in office ...

As we have to know , processors and CPUs these days during its normal work inclined to get hot, sometime very hot, therefore and to do not overburn itself,
processor die is cooled by some kind of heat sink.
If heat sink does help for some reason , CPU will throttle itself by decreasing working frequency, 
this normally takes some time.

So, recently, we've got a bulk of brand new HW, very brand new. 
Starting of the first system was a bit disappointing - show some weird BIOS issue and nothing more, even initial BIOS doesnt not come up.
Second system - the same, just shown issue is different.
Third....Fourth ....
Fifth - was starting just fine ! But only twice, thirds time and any after - nothing.

After checking on "this and that", decided to replace used thermal paste 
(used one was so bad and was looking more like a used chewing gum from the quality)

and .... it helped !
Story is not about us being smart enough thought...

Using of the proper paste and initially - would save not only my time but others, 
besides and pricewise - it might be like 1 USD on top for 100 systems.

Second story I was told - there is a guy (now - seriously) who is not sure if we are officially allowed to replace this paste and it might change benchmark results.
(We are using very good thermal paste, have no doubts )

So, now, in the office, we are looking for the person, who would officially allow such paste replacement...

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