Sunday, September 2, 2012

Android and boot animation

Just wanted to check how such fancy view been created for Android 4x , Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS:

Quick investigations shown that general boot process for Android-based devices looks like this : linux:boot:android

Just notice such step as:
bootanimationShows the animation during boot-up
ok, after short lookup in the source, I could find one important file, like BootAnimation.cpp

You can see all details inside but in fact - not much OpenGL ES been used, beside showing textures over time as animation frames, see bool BootAnimation::threadLoop()
from the link above.

OpenGL ES usage is mostly all about following calls:
with doing animation sequence itself inside bool BootAnimation::movie()
with even more simple calls.

Sad story, I was under impression that boot animation is dynamic in the full sense and rendered by OpenGL ES 

... well, just was a hope ...

Besides, you can see where animation located and now it will be easy to replace for the own one, if you would wish..

example of the is here:
or just google for such raw sample for your best look...

( you can replace default with yours with adb command like:
adb push ./ /data/local/ 

see in sources - User's boot animation has higher priority vs system's one,
unless encrypted system is used AND present )

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