Sunday, September 2, 2012

Is my mobile emailing secure?

Just wanted to really check if my emails from my iphone usage can be sniffed meaning be visible to someone if I would use some WiFi hotspot, 
like when traveling...

In order to check this, had to establish my small test environment, like very good described here: Capturing iPhone traffic with Wireshark

Now different techniques possible but I wanted to do it fast, lazy me...

So I opened captured with Wireshark packages and searched for "yahoo" and "google" as email services I am using:

Now about findings:
- For yahoo , I see certificate exchange and more:

- For gmail, also:

and sadly ( joking ) - nothing unencrypted/unsecured about my email text, email contacts etc

Well, feel myself safe , 
or ?

PS: nothing especially been made for default email settings,

However, for gmail account: "Using of SSL" set to ON,
Yahoo mail on iphone currently has no such setting.

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